COVID-19 Update

We regret any inconvenience caused by the new protective measures, but our primary goal is the health and safety of everyone who enters our office.
The following procedures suggested by the Center for Disease Control & Prevention, American Academy of Ophthalmology, as well as Pennsylvania Medical Society are what we follow at Keystone Eye Associates.
1. All must wear a mask in order to enter the building.
2. Patient will remain in vehicles and enter the office only at your appointment time. If you arrive early, we will ask you to wait in your vehicle until your appointment time.
3. Patients and accompanying family members will be asked screening questions. Non-contact temperatures will be taken.
4. Person accompanying patient (1) will remain in vehicle unless patient requires assistance or is a minor. Multiple people may not enter the office.
5. Patients must reschedule if they are ill or exhibiting cold or flu like symptoms, have traveled to affected hot spots within the last 14 days or have been exposed to Covid-19. STAY HOME IF YOU ARE UNWELL.
6. We have reduced the number of patients per day to promote social distancing. You may be called to change your appointment to a different day or time.
7. Our staff use Personal Protective Equipment including masks, sanitizer, cough shields, and gloves if needed.
8. Frequent antiseptic wipe downs in the office and exam rooms between patients.
We love caring for our patients and look forward to seeing you. Please help us keep our patients, staff, doctors safe and understanding the strain we all feel during this time. Thank you!

About Us

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At Keystone Eye Associates, LLC, our physicians and staff are committed to the improved health status of those we serve. Through a seamless continuum of quality ophthalmic services including general adult and pediatric ophthalmology, optometry, cataract surgery, intraocular lens implants including advanced technology implants, corneal care and surgery, corrective and cosmetic plastic surgery, refractive and restorative surgery, retina laser and surgery, and glaucoma laser and surgery, Keystone Eye Associates will deploy its resources in a cost-effective and community-responsive manner.

Our surgeons at Keystone Eye Associates perform the majority of their surgery at the Liberty Ambulatory Surgical Center conveniently located next to their office on Blue Grass Road.  The Center is a state of the art facility with an excellent, experienced, and caring staff.  Eye surgeries are the primary surgeries performed at the Center.

The Institute for Diabetic Management, founded in 2008, is located adjacent to the Keystone Eye Associates’ office and offers a complete plan for lifestyle management of diabetes for our diabetic patients in conjunction with patients’ primary care physicians.  The Institute is staffed by Registered Dietitians and Certified Diabetic Educators who help patients achieve a better quality of life through lifestyle improvements that also lead to lower healthcare costs.

Our physicians and staff – your Keystone Eye Associates family — will seek to forge new alliances with other community healthcare professionals and organizations.  Our goal is to build and maintain a sound and healthy environment for our patients and staff, and to provide the utmost in quality eye care for our community.

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